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Toiture Vincent inc.

Your specialized flat roof roofers in Montreal and surrounding areas

Since 1947, the professional and experienced team at Toiture Vincent inc., has successfully carried out flat roof projects throughout the island of Montreal (Verdun, Lachine, Dorval, LaSalle, West Island, etc.) as well as Laval and the North Shore. Whether it is for the installation, repair or maintenance of the flat roof of your building, we carry out durable, efficient and meticulous work at a competitive price. Therefore, at Toiture Vincent inc., we specialize in flat roofs whether for a residence, a commercial or industrial building. We use top quality materials to guarantee you an impeccable result. Our experienced roofers have a perfect command of the installation, repair and maintenance techniques for all coatings, whether fiberglass, asphalt and gravel, elastomeric membrane or TPO. In addition, we ensure that our flat roof work perfectly meets your needs and your budget.


Travaux de toiture toit plat

Flat roof of asphalt, fiberglass and gravel

The mixture of asphalt and gravel is the oldest and most frequently used residential, commercial or industrial flat roof coating in Montreal, Laval and on the North Shore. An asphalt and gravel flat roof is made up of several layers of asphalt-impregnated felt paper that is covered with gravel. The professional team at Toiture Vincent inc. offers you the possibility of using white gravel (instead of the standard gray) when installing this type of roof, because it allows the reduction of heat islands. This coating forms a multi-layer roof, durable for up to 25 years, easy to repair, resistant to fire, shocks, bad weather and water infiltration. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to install, maintain and repair asphalt and gravel roofs in an impeccable, efficient and professional manner. In addition, at Toiture Vincent inc., we mainly produce flat fiberglass roofs for commercial and industrial buildings, a solid, durable and waterproof coating.

Elastomeric Membrane

The elastomeric membrane has been increasingly popular for the past few years for flat roof coverings in Montreal and on the North Shore. The elastomeric membrane consists of an undercoat and a top coat that are welded with a torch during installation. At Toiture Vincent inc., our roofers hold the certifications to work in compliance with the standards in force.

Membrane élastomère Montréal
Membrane TOP toit plat

TPO Membrane

The TPO membrane is a single-layer synthetic coating composed mainly of ethylene-propylene rubber which is approximately 1.5 cm thick. When installing TPO membranes, the specialists at Toiture Vincent inc. weld the different sections together using a hot air robot.

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